Brooks City Base Housing

You can find home listings for Brooks AFB and the great San Antonio area at  Please visit and feel free to list your home for sale or rent near US Military installations.

Brooks AFB Phone Directory

2016 Brooks AFB Phone Directory can be found here:

Brooks AFB Operator (Directory Assistance): 210-536-1110

Brooks AFB Chaplain: 210-536-3824

Brooks AFB Exchange: 210-532-2191

Brooks AFB Billeting Office (BEQ/BOQ): 210-536-1844

Brooks AFB ID Card, CAC, DEERS: 210-536-1845

Brooks AFB Barber Shop: 210-536-2200

Brooks AFB Clinic: 210-916-9900

Brooks AFB Fitness Center: 210-536-2188

Brooks AFB Library: 210-536-2634

Brooks AFB Child Development Center: 210-536-2736